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Compared to competitors of $999.99+. Additional hourly charges may apply depending on package*

*All sites are subject to monthly fees due to domain & website hosting charges. Robert Genova Web Design   will not cover additional charges outside of the services we provide and your order will be subject to additional fees. While working with us, you're backed by our full transparency policy;    Robert Genova Web Design will lay out all charges on a purchase order and answer any and all questions you or your team may have.

Websites starting at only   

Website Packages
Basic Package
Pro Package
Premium Package
Minimalistic   Package
Starting at $129
Starting at $359
Starting at $229
$70 One-time Fee
$50 One-time Fee
$5 One-time Fee
Optional | +$30
Optional | +$20
Custom Designed Professional Site
Full Administrative Ownership¹
Pages Included
Custom Role & Permission Setup
Built on EditorX
Basic Email Support²
Advanced Email Support²
Role Specific Pages
Transfer your existing site Content
Forum/Members Area
Priority Order
Hourly Development Charge
Administrative Fee

¹ Administrative Ownership will be transferred , if requested, only after payment has cleared.  |   If you contact us via our Contact Us form, we may use custom pricing if you do not choose to select a package.  

All Packages are subject to  hosting charges [All hosting payments will be paid directly to the host, NOT Robert Genova Web Design].   Hosting Charges range from $11-$45/Month depending on which Hosting Tier the customer selects.    Domains are NOT included unless stated otherwise during the Hosting Tier selection stage..   

²Basic Email Support "Lasts for 60 days unless stated otherwise.  Advanced Email Support lasts for 180 days unless stated otherwise.

Further explanation of charges will be presented  during development.  Robert Genova Web Design    Reserves the Right to deny service at any point unless payment  has already been issued to Robert Genova Web Design.  Upon completion of a site, it is at the Developer's discretion if they would like to charge for changes made to the site after it is presented & agreed upon/approved..  Customers have the ability to add additional content & pages themselves or hire a different developer to do so at their discretion. Robert Genova Web Design encourages potential, current, & future customers to do their research  on Web Development to ensure they pick what is right for them. 



Add-ons & Additional Options

Upgrade to EditorX

$50 +$2/H

EditorX is a more powerful web design engine; however, it is however more time consuming and costly compared to our standard Wix platform.  EditorX building is included as optional in our Pro Plan.  Note: Hosting and domain fees may apply that will be payable to EditorX. /, Inc.

DNS and Domain  Config


Connect your existing domain to your new site and or assist you in purchasing one.  BComp Productions will ensure that the basic DNS setting of your site are working correctly, along with your SSL  (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate showing as valid.  BComp Productions will assist you with any questions via email for 30 Days. 

Extended Email Support*


Extend your included support plan with this add-on!    Not only does it extend support via email, but also allows Robert Genova Web Design   to directly help solve bugs and issues on your site.

*Robert Genova Web Design    is not required to create new media/elements on your site, only to give support with existing work.  You may be directed to Wix support if the developer is unable to solve the issue. 

User Manual


Either a Administrative User Manual or Employee Manual for the back end of your site, you may purchase both for $50.   These manuals can help educate you and your staff on how to make updates and changes to your site along with how to use important features included in your site dashboard.

Additional Website Page


Add additional pages to your site's package.  Management may issue additional discounts  for bulk additions. 

+ 1 Page  - $20

+ 5    Page  - $85

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